We became an approved installer in 2005 and as trained, authorised installers of Firestone /Rubber bond/ Classic bond/ EPDM Rubber we highly recommend this system for your flat roof renewal or flat roof replacement.

EPDM – Features & Benefits

Superior durability and flexibility
EPDM is an inert material and is resistant to the effects of UV radiation and Ozone and as a result will not degrade. It will stretch over 300% before it breaks. Once installed, you will have a flat roof that is perfectly water tight and is guaranteed to stay that way.

Seamless roof – no joins

EPDM sheets in very large sizes so nearly all domestic flat roofs can be covered in a single sheet of rubber. This means there are no joins that can fail. Even flat roofs that are joined with one or more pieces of rubber are permanently bonded together by a chemical reaction between the rubber and the special adhesive to give a totally reliable protective covering. We like to call this reaction ‘melding’.

Value for money – very low life-cycle cost – maintenance free

Relatively low installation costs combined with never having to replace the roof again results in EPDM being extremely cost effective. The roof requires little or no maintenance other than a quick hosing or sweeping of leaves to keep it looking brand new.

Attractive appearance

EPDM is resistant to algae and moss growth. Moss cannot grow on EPDM rubber as it is non porous. This means your roof will look as good in 20 years as as it did the day we fitted it.

Safe installation – flame free

No hot torches, boiling tar or welding equipment needed so risks of fire are eliminated. The membrane is adhered to the flat roof deck with special adhesives using a cold lay technique.

Rubber is resistant to fire

Rubber is Eco-friendly

Due to its superior life span and re-usability it has a very low environmental impact. Greenpeace and the Green Building Digest recommend EPDM Rubber as the Best Value sustainable eco-roofing.

The Firestone factory has achieved ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.
BBA Certified